The balmy breeze of the clear subtropics breathes with each sip of Ekvator.
The spirit of paradise caresses with ambrosial aroma and smooth flavor. Feel the rhythm of relaxation, sway with each flow.




EKVATOR is the Russian word for “Equator”, an imaginary circle diving the Northern and the Southern hemisphere. The half-sphere of the earth contains one of the most beautiful archipelagos Southeast Asia where the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Phippines is located. It has a natural tropical rainforest nurtured by the sun and embraced by the sunrise-golden seas where coconut trees produce the richest coconut sap used to create this exqusite, rich, and refined Ekvator Vodka.

It is originally made in the Philippines – a tropical country ideal for cultivating excellent coconut products.

Ekvator Vodka is produced using a distinctive and technologically advanced process that preserves the unique blend of natural substances from the finest and purest young coconut. The product undergo several stages of re-distillation and fine filtration to maintain Ekvator’s exceptional freshness.

The result is delightfully smooth, subtle taste, with a neutral refreshing aroma that is truly tropical vodka unmatched by any other. Experience the remarkable satisfaction, the astonishing comfort in every sip, and build wonderful moments with the most astounding vodka in the word- EKVATOR VODKA!

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